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Originlab Originpro 8.6 Portable

Suite). OriginLab. I downloaded v8.6 portable. I am trying to upgrade a portable version of v8.6 which I acquired from an old pc to a portable

originlab originpro 8.6 portable

originlab originpro 8.6 portable

I've just installed Origin 7.3, and started a new job. my menu item is a copy of the properties in my new job. When I click on it, I just get the standard properties for a document that is set to be portable. Is there a way for me to have my menu item, instead of the standard portable properties? A: The only reason I can think of that the menu item wouldn't be right is if there was a document already set to portable. I did a quick test and on my end, the menu item is just the standard properties for a document that is set to be portable. Origin is still in beta, so things could change over time, but I'd wager that that is the problem. If you have a document open and set to portable, that might explain it. Ask HN: Picking up new languages - bookbuddies Hi HN,I have a little over a year experience as a developer. I'm quite interested in picking up a new language. Currently I'm using PHP and Javascript, but I'm wanting to switch it up to something different. I'm currently an M.Arch student, so I have no work experience yet.What would you recommend? ====== armenarmen Personally I would say that C# is one of the best languages to learn and is perfect for beginners. As long as you pick up the basics you will be fine. I started out in Java and moved to C# and I haven't looked back. ------ VieElm I'd say if you're doing some kind of new job, learn the language in use there. The chances of you using the language you'd like to use are far greater there. ~~~ bookbuddies Thanks! That's what I thought too. I'm not a full time developer but I do have a few clients that I work with regularly. ------ dangrossman I used to think C# was the best language to learn. I eventually found out that Java and JavaScript are more common in my field (marketing) than C#. I learned Javascript and used it for 3 years now before I switched to Python and PHP. I think if you're going for a career change you need to spend some time learning about the field you want to

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