Bootle Dance School

If you are training to be a dance coach or learning to become a choreographer then this is a great course to understand the history and social side of Ballroom Dance

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Why not take our

History of Ballroom Dancing Course



It takes you through the History of the Waltz, Quickstep, Slow Foxtrot and Tango, with a quiz at the end of each section.

Understanding where dance come from will help you understand the dance, it great for those wanting help with the history portfolio section of the Ballroom standard Associate Examination.

Note if you screen shot each of the Quiz results and send them to Janet she will send you a Free Certificate of Achievement



Once you have taken the course you may want to learn some of the dances you have read about.

Why not book a Face2Face lesson in one of the following

1- The history of the Waltz - Learn the La Volta, Landler Allamande and the Valse A Trois Temps.

2 - The history of the Tango - Learn the Habanera, the Milonga and the Argentine Tango.

3 - The history of the Foxtrot & Quickstep - Learn Fox's Trot, The Social Foxtrot and the one Step.