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Janet's Story

Born in the vibrant city of Liverpool in the 60's. Janet grew up in the northern dance scene, attending lesson at Millington's, Redmond's, Codes, and Sandford's before joining the Lashbooke School of Dance in the late 70's.

Eventually leaving dance for a career in medicine after 6 years, she returned to qualify in 1989 as an associate of the Allied Dance Association and opening "Dance Steps" with the help of her parents (also qualified dance teachers) eventually making dance her full time job in 2000 when she opened "JLC Dance in Southport".

Being the principal of a dance school with branches in Southport, Preston and Blackpool for 33 years has given her a wealth of experience in coaching at all levels and the chance to choreograph on stage and screen.  

In 2004 she became a fellow of the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance and a year later she was asked by the committee to become an examiner. 

Following this in 2009 she became a fellow of the International Dance Teachers Association and in 2017 was runner up in the Dancing Times "Dance Teacher of the Year" competition.

As well as running a busy school, she was the Ballroom Coach at Lancaster University and as a qualified PT and Zumba instructor she ran sessions for Preston Council and has taught for Merlin at the Blackpool Tower over many years.

Her work with disability in its many forms has seen her teach in deaf schools, nursing homes, hospital and for a number of year with both Preston and Blackpool Councils promoting dementia awareness. This has lead to her being written about in the American Author Hazel Minnick book "The Unlikely Dancer"  

When the pandemic hit in 2019 Janet closed JLC Dance for the final time and moved north to Cumbria, " to retire"

But she forgot DANCERS NEVER RETIRE so . . . Today

As you can see she is CEO of Bootle Dance Academy and  Director of Bootle Dance CIC and has strong roots with Bootle Dance Academy Liverpool.  


Janet's Qualifications
Fellow & Examiner of the UKAPTD
Fellow of the IDTA
Associate of the ADA
Member Guild of Professional Teachers of Dance

2017 Dancing Times Teacher of the Year runner up

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Janet's Dance Qualifications

Examiner / Adjudicator 

  • United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Techers of Dance.

  • British Dance Council Championship Adjudicator 


General Dance 

  • Open University - Dance Skills 

  • Dance Knowledge - What is Biomechanics 

  • Member of Guild of Professional Teachers of Dance

  • Member of the dance Historical Society

Standard Ballroom 

  • Associate Diploma in Ballroom  - Allied Dance Association.

  • Fellow Diploma in Ballroom  - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.

  • Fellow Diploma  Ballroom - International Dance Teachers Association.

American Ballroom

  • Teaching Diploma - American Smooth/Rhythm - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.

Latin American

  • Fellow Diploma in Latin American - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.

  • Fellow Diploma in Latin American  - International Dance Teachers Association.


  • Licentiate Diploma in Club Dance Salsa - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.

  • Teaching Diploma in Salsa - International Dance Teachers Association.



  • Licentiate Diploma in Classical Sequence - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.

  • Licentiate Diploma Classical Sequence - International Dance Teachers Association



  • Licentiate Diploma in Freestyle Disco - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.

  • Licentiate Diploma in Freestyle Disco - International Dance Teachers Association.


Street Dance

  • Associate Diploma in Street Dance - International Dance Teachers Association.

  • Teaching Diploma in Street and Hip Hop - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.



  • Associate Diploma in Cheer leading - International Dance Teachers Association.

  • Teaching Diploma in Cheer Dance - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.


Rock 'n' Roll

  • Associate Diploma in Rock 'n' Roll - International Dance Teachers Association.

  • Teaching Diploma in Rock 'n' Roll - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.

  • Teaching Diploma in Swing Dance - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.


Oriental Dance 

  • Associate Diploma in Oriental Dance - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.

  • Belly Dance Instructor Diploma - Belly Dance Collage


Argentine Tango

  • Teaching Diploma in Argentine Tango - International Dance Teachers Association.

  • Instructors Diploma in Argentine Tango - United Kingdom Alliance of Dance.


Dance Fitness

  • Zumba Ltd - Basic Instructor

  • Zumba Ltd - Circuit Instructor 

  • Zumba Ltd - Core Instructor 

  • Zumba Ltd - Glutes Instructor

  • Zumba Ltd - Burst Instructor

  • Zumba Ltd - Indian Instructor 

  • Zumba Ltd - Caribbean/Jamaica Instructor

  • Zumba Ltd - Brazil Instructor

  • Zumba Ltd - Africa Instructor 

  • Zumba Ltd - Cue Like a Pro 

Health Qualifications connected to other jobs

  • W.H.O - Basic Microbiology

  • W.H.O - ePROTECT Respiratory Infection

  • W.H.O  - Introduction to COVID-19: methods for detection, prevention, response and control

  • W.H.O - Monkeypox: Epidemiology, preparedness and response for African outbreak contexts

  • (monkeypox-intermediate)​

  • The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - Covid -19 Tacking the Novel Coronavirus

Janet's Fitness Qualifications

Personal Trainer

  • Level 3 - Personal Trainer

  • Pilates Instructor

  • National Academy of Sport Medicine - Women's Fitness Specialist

  • National Academy of Sport Medicine - Hydration trough the lens of Fitness and Health

  • National Academy of Sport Medicine - Fitness for two

  • National Academy of Sport Medicine - Working with Cancer; Exercise as part of recovery

  • Online Trainers Federation - on-line Fitness Coaching Certificate  


  • CTAA Accredited - Yoga Instructor 

  • COE-  Kundalini Yoga Diploma 

  • Mediation Alliance International  - Pranayama Certified Course

  • Mediation Alliance International  - CMT 100 Meditation Teacher 


Diet and Nutrition

  • Level 4 -  Diet and Nutrition Adviser

  • Weight loss coach

  • City & Guilds  - Home Economics 

  • Zumba Ltd -  Plate Instructor

  • HSGF - Food Hygiene

Sport Coaching

  • UKAD - Clean Coach 

  • UKAD - Accredited Advisor​

  • Open University - Three Principal of Coaching 

  • Open University - Working with Young People in Sport  

  • Open University - Inspiring Positive Behaviour in Sport 

  • Skiptrix Ltd - Rump Rope Instructor 


Teaching and Safe Guarding

  • City & Guilds -  Level 1 - English Speaking Board

  • City & Guilds -  Level 2 - English Speaking Board  

  • CPD Certified - Level 3 - Early Years FS Teaching 

  • CPD Certified - Level 3 - Teaching Assistant 

  • CPD Certified - Level 4 - English as a Foreign Language Teacher

  • Lancashire SG - Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness course 

  • British Dance Council - Equality and Unconscious Bias​

  • CSTF Levels 1, 2  & 3 - Safe Guarding Children ( Valid till 11/3/24)

  • CSTF Levels 1, 2  & 3 - Safe Guarding Adults ( Valid till 12/3/24)

  • CSTF Preventing Radicalisation Training Course ( Valid till 12/3/24)

  • CSTF Information Governance Training Course ( Valid till 12/3/23)

  • CSTF Equality, Diversity and Human Rights ( Valid till 11/3/24) 

  • CSTF Health, Safety and Welfare Training (valid till 27/4/2024)

  • CSGF Fire Safety Awareness Training Course

Disability Awareness

  • Blackpool Council - Dementia Awareness Course

  • Sports for All - UK Disability Inclusion Training

  • CPD Certified - Level 1- British Sign Language

  • CPD Certified - Level 2 - British Sign Language 

  • CPD Certified - Level 3 - British Sign Language 

  • CPD Certified - Level 4 - British Sign Language Higher 

  • CPD Certified - Level 5 - British Sign Language Higher 

  • UCL - Deaf Awareness on line for Teachers

First Aid

  • HSG Level 1,2, & 3 -Resuscitation Adults Levels ( Valid till 11/3/24)

  • HSG Levels 2 & 3 - Resuscitation Paediatric

  • HSG Levels 2 & 3 - Resuscitation New-born

  • Level 3 - First Aid at Work 

Business Studies

  • NVQ Level 2, Customer Service​

  • Zumba Ltd - Self-Promotions Super Power -

  • Zumba Ltd - Social Media Foundations: Marketing

Inclusion elevates all

"We not only invite you to the party

we ask you to join it"

                                                   Janet Bosson

Deaf deaf and Hof H


When ever possible Janet tries to make her classes  assessable to all. Having been brought up by a profoundly deaf mother and having lost her hearing herself as a young adult (28 years). She wears BAHA Implants she understands the difficulties that can arise from being disabled.

" Without my implants switched on I have about a 98% loss of hearing, with them in I can communicate as well as most people as long as were in the same room and facing each other. I do find hearing through a phone or computer very difficult though". Being deaf for over 20 years means I understand the other issues that come with Hearing difficulties, like the fatigue of lip reading all day, and the balance problems that comes with inner ear problems, and the mental health issues that go hand in hand with hidden disability in our society".                                                                                         Janet



Working closely with Blackpool Victoria Hospital Janet has helped run, develop and promote dementia awareness through various activities including seated exercise sessions, Silver Tea Dances and is an Dementia Friend programme partnership for Alzheimer's Society

Pictured here second left with some of her pupils and Alzheimer's Ambassador Anne Noland (centre) of the Noland Sisters at Victoria Hospital Blackpool.

Like Anne and Janet you to can become a Dementia Friend it only takes a few minutes and costs nothing. All you have to do is click the link below and watch a video on dementia. You will need to entre this code Pro21020.

If you watch with family all the better. Add the number of people watching the video with you.

Then you to can say your a Dementia Friend and what's more you will understand dementia a little bit better.


"The Unlikely Dancer"

by Hazel Rea Minnick

Janet's work with disabilities and dementia in particular (through JLC Dance ) has been recognised and written about in a book " The Unlikely Dancer" by Hazel Rae Minnick

See what shows Janet has worked on in the last 25 years

TV & Radio

  • Channel 5 - Tim Marlow Art Show

  • BBC - Holiday of a lifetime with Len Goodman and Anton Du Beck

  • BBC Ireland - Beyond the Joke with Roy Walker

  • Channel 4 - Four in a bed

  • BBC - Strictly Come Dancing

  • BBC - Radio Lancashire with Gilly

  • Japanese TV - Holidays with Trams 


  • Swirl Installation- Tate Modern Liverpool Biennial

  • Blackpool Museum Open Show - hosted by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

  • Head  Judge - Blue Light Strictly

  • Blackpool Hospital Dementia Awareness Day event

  • Blackpool Council Dementia Awareness Day event

  • Blackpool Tower 120th Anniversary Show

Dance & Fitness Coach

  • Preston Council

  • Best Western Hotels

  • Longrdge Council

  • Blackpool Council


Dance Coach

  • Merlin Ltd,  Blackpool Tower

  • Lancaster University

  • Tate Modern


Principal Dance Coach

  • Dance Steps Southport

  • Principal - JLC Dance Southport, Preston, Blackpool

  • Examiner - UKAPTD

  • Adjudicator - British Dance Council

See where Janet has worked on in the last 25 years
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