Did you know Janet and Queen Elizabeth ll share the same 26th Great Grandfather?

It's not al about Choreographer


Mum- Dorothy Addison - 1932-2014 born in Liverpool

Grandad - William Addison - 1899-1972 born in Liverpool

Great Grandmother - Martha Cumine - 1871-1942 born in Jarrow

2nd Great Grandfather - William Cumine - 1845-1925 born in Aberdeen

3rd Great Grandfather - Joseph Cumine - 1816-1882  born in Aberdeen

4th Great Grandfather - Joseph Cumine - 1787-1865  born in Aberdeen

5th Great Grandfather - William Cumine - 1766 -  born in Banffshire

6th Great Grandfather - John Cumine - 1740-  born in Banffshire

William Cumine (Janet's 2nd Great grandfather) pictured with his wife Isabella Jane Wilson and their children.

Far right Janets great grandmother Martha

7th Great Grandfather - Joseph Cumine  1711- 1785 - Laird of Aurchy

8th Great Grandfather - John Cumine 1670- 1739 - Laird of Aurchy

9th Great Grandfather - William Cumine 1634 -1707 Laird of Aurchy

William Cumine, born in 1634, sold his paternal lands of Lochtervandich and purchased the lands of Auchray and Pittulie, in Buchan, in the reign of Charles II.

He mortified the leper lands and the hospital croft of Elgin, with a house in Elgin.

His grandson founded the village of Buchan in 1763 by he was kn own as the 'improving' laird.( Joseph Cumine of Auchry,).


Cuminestown is situated in Aberdeenshire, 5 miles (8 km) east of Turriff. Comprising a single street, it lies in a designed landscape to the south of Auchry House from which it is separated by the Burn of Monquhitter.


Castle of Auchry

10th Great Grandfather - George Cumine 1597- 1689 Perth, Scotland

11th Great Grandfather - George Cuming 1543 - Perth, Scotland

12th Great Grandfather - Ferquhard Cuming 1496- Perth, Scotland

13th Great Grandfather - Alexanader Cuming 1445-1550 Perth, Scotland

14th Great Grandfather - Robert Cuming 1405-1496 Perth, Scotland

15th Great Grandfather - Ferquhard Cuming 1373 -1406 Perth, Scotland

16th Great Grandfather - Duncan Cuming 1346- Perth, Scotland

Duncan Cuming's eldest brother took the title Sir Ferquhard Comyn of Altyre, Morayshire. He was given a charter from Robert II. of the forestry of Drummynd and Tulloch, and of several davochs of land thereunto belonging.

Ferquhard Comyn/Cumyn was the first of the family designated "of Altre"

17th Great Grandfather - Richard Comyn 1318 - 1368 Moray

18th Great Grandfather - Thomas Comyn 1292-1365 Moray

19th Great Grandfather - Robert Comyn 1261 - 1306  Moray

20th Great Grandfather - John Comyn l Died 1215- 1275

John Comyn The Red

21st Great Grandfather - Richard Comyn 1194 -1249 Moray

22nd Great Grandfather - William Comyn 1163 -1233 Moray

23rd Great Grandfather - Richard Comyn  1115 -1179 Moray

Richards wife was Hextida Fitzhucted 1112-1189

The Comyn family were in effective power in Scotland from 1249 to 1255, when Alexander III of Scotland was a minor; John was one of those with court influence. The Comyns were ousted by Alan Durward, but returned to power in 1257-8, before provoking a strong English reaction.

John Comyn (nicknamed THE RED)  fought for Henry III of England at the Battle of Lewes (1265), with John Baliol the elder and Robert Bruce the elder, and was captured. In 1267 he was given licence to crenellate Tarset Castle in Tynedale (by present-day Lanehead, near Hexham), by Henry III. He succeeded his uncle Walter, in 1258, as Lord of Badenoch and was one of the leaders of a Scottish expedition that crushed a Manx revolt against the Scottish Crown.

Mother of Hextilda of Tynedale was

24th Great Grandmother - Princess Bethoc Dunkeld 1096- Moray

25th Great Grandfather - Donald Dukeld lll 1033-1099 Atholl

26th Great Grandfather - Duncan Dukeld l 1001-1040 Atholl

'The Gracious' King of Scotland'

Donald 111 king of scotland.jpg

Donald lll of Scotland

Mother of Duncan 1st

27th Great Grandmother Bethoc MacKenneth 984- 1000 Perthshire

28th Great Grandfather Malcolm MacKenneth 954-10.34 

King Malcolm ll of Scotland

King Malcolm ll of Scotland is 

Janet and Queen Elizabeth ll's

28th Great Grandfather

29th Great Grandfather - Kenneth MacKenneth 971-995 Argyll

30th Great grandfather - Malcolm MacDonald 884 - Kinardineshire

King Malcolm l of Scotland