Inclusion elevates all

"We not only invite you to the party

we ask you to join it"

                                                   Janet Bosson

Deaf deaf and Hof H

When ever possible Janet tries to make her classes  assessable to all.

Having been brought up by a profoundly deaf mother and having lost her hearing herself as a young adult (28 years). She wears BAHA Implants she understands the difficulties that can arise from being disabled.

" Without my implants switched on I have about a 98% loss of hearing, with them in I can communicate as well most people as long as were in the same room and facing each other. I do find hearing through a phone or computer very difficult though".


Playing Guitar


Audism simply refers to the discrimination or prejudice against an individual who is Deaf, deaf or Hof H.

Do you understand the difference between Deaf, deaf or Hof H? Could you be guilty of Audism without knowing?

Teachers are your classes accessible to people with a hearing impairment?

Why not book on one of Janet's Deaf Awareness workshops?



Working closely with Blackpool Victoria Hospital Janet has helped run, develop and promote dementia awareness through various activities including seated exercise sessions, Silver Tea Dances and is an Dementia Friend programme partnership for Alzheimer's Society

Pictured here second left with some of her pupils and Alzheimer's Ambassador Anne Noland (centre) of the Noland Sisters at Victoria Hospital Blackpool.

Like Anne and Janet you to can become a Dementia Friend it only takes a few minutes and costs nothing. All you have to do is click the link below and watch a video on dementia. You will need to entre this code Pro21020.

If you watch with family all the better. Add the number of people watching the video with you.

Then you to can say your a Dementia Friend and what's more you will understand dementia a little bit better.

Sign Choir

Our sign choir group meets every Tuesday at 

The Village Hall, Bootle Station, Cumbria

at 10.00am

it just a group of like minded adults learning sign together there is no cost and you do not have to sing

we just ask for a donation towards the hall hire.

Communicating Through Signs

"The Unlikely Dancer" by Hazel Rea Minnick

Janet's work with disabilities and dementia in particular (through JLC Dance ) has been recognised and written about in a book " The Unlikely Dancer" by Hazel Rae Minnick