Meet Bootle Bear

Bootle love to dance and you will find him sitting on the stage watching all our classes

Welcome, (English)

Croeso, (Welsh)

Fàilte, (Gaelic, Irish)

Dynnargh dhis, (Cornish)

Failt ort (Manx)

Bootle's Favourite 

Colour is Blue

Food is Strawberries

 Dance style is Latin

What is your favourite colour, food and dance style?
Image by Sarah Kilian
bootle & paddington.jpg

Did you do anything to commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll?

Maybe you watched the ceremonies on TV

Signed a book of condolence

Sent a card or massage to the royal family

Went to Edinburgh or London to see the Queen lying instate

Why not send Bootle a postcard?
Bootle Bear
66 Summer Hill
Bootle, Millom
LA19 5UA

Bootle is all excited for his summer holidays, he is going to Scotland.

Where are  you going?


Did you know there was a dance called 'The Grizzly Bear' ? 

It was danced in the early 20th-century and was rough and clumsy and was danced by mummy's and daddy's


During the dance, the dancers would yell out: "It's a Bear!"

The  steps were to imitate of the movements of a dancing bear, moving or dancing to the side.

A very heavy step to the side with a bending of the upper part of the body from one side to the other, why not have a go.


Bears are carnivores, that means they eat meat, but most of them eat berries, roots and nuts too.

They love human food and dog food and can sniff out snacks. 

Some Bears sleep in the winter, but they do not hibernate.

Hibernating animals have a very low temperature.

Bears just take a long, long nap and sometimes they wake up and go out in the winter.

Bears have one of the best senses of smell of any mammal

A family or group of bears in called a “sloth”. A male bear is a “boar”, females are called “sows” and babies are “cubs”.

Polar bears are known to be long distant swimmers, they can swim up to 30 miles without stopping

Bear - in British Sign Language (BSL) -29.png

How many bears can you find on this page?